What is Agni?

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Agni energy for radiant belly

What is Agni?

Ayurveda and yoga describe Agni as a fire element in the body’s energy system, it’s located in our stomach around the navel area. The fire element is hot, and the primary function is digestion, absorption, transformation, and giving energy.

Why is Agni the key to a Radiant Body & Mind?

Agni is a digestive fire in our body, it transforms food and sensation into energy, and it’s one of the important key elements that need to be kept in balance to maintain good health and well-being. Here are how you can have a radiant body and mind by keep Agni in balance. 

1. Digest food for a healthy and strong body: In Ayurveda, saying, “you are not what you eat,” instead, “you are what you digest.” Agni is our body’s metabolism to burn calories intake. 

2. Digest toxins for the radiant body. A healthy and strong Agni helps remove toxins from our bodies. Agni isn’t only digested food but also pollution in our environment and everything that contains toxins in our daily life, such as skincare and household products.

3. Digest sensation for a radiant mind. Agni isn’t only digested food and toxin in our body; it’s also digested thoughts and emotions. According to yoga, the body and mind aren’t separate entities, unite through breathing. We practice breathing as an air element to move the fire element throughout our body and mind. A healthy and strong Agni helps transform our thoughts and emotions, remove negative thoughts in our minds and turn them into self-awareness.

A weak Agni can lead to excess toxins in our body and mind, and everything is out of balance from our body, skin, the function of our organs, hormones, and mood. If you need help to check whether your Agni is in good condition, balance or imbalance. Please book a 45 minutes free Body Mind diagnosis assessment through the link below.


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