Self-care tips for vata

by | Mar 16, 2023 | Agni energy for radiant belly

Vata is a combination of air and space(commonly known as either); her character is like wind and space, light, cool, dry, rough, flow, and everywhere. Self-care tips for vata need to align with her bodymind character.


    Vata has a naturally small build and it is difficult to gain muscles. She tends to have dry skin and hair, low body temperature, and often feels cold.

    Her appetite varies; sometimes, she gets extremely hungry and loves snacking all day. Sometimes she can go long hours without food, then realise she is starving and overeating. 

    Her digestion is rough, and her colon is dry and likely to accumulate air, leading to bloating, gas and constipation. 


      Vata is creative, talented, full of many great ideas, and has many gifts to share with others, but she struggles to keep up and follow them because she can get easily distracted and overwhelmed with her creative mind. She always moves on to the next one before finishing what she has started.  

      She is friendly, can be a highly social person, and can enjoy her alone time. She has faith and is not afraid of emotions. She can often do what others are afraid to do, and go to a place where others are afraid to go. 

      She is multi-passionate, a great creator, and likes to create something bigger than herself. You will see her as an inspirational speaker, artist, musician, dancer, and influencer. 



        Vata is everywhere and flexible. She likes to move, “on the go” is her nature, and she is highly creative and fast learning.

        She is kind-hearted, so she is the first one to raise her hand when others need help.

        Healthy living is in her blood; she enjoys eating healthy food and exercising. 


          She thinks quickly, like air, so she often gets overwhelmed with thoughts and has trouble sleeping.

          She moves fast and everywhere, which leads to an unstable mood, anxiety, and forgetfulness.

          Because she is always “on the go,” she often forgets to eat, an irregular appetite which leads to digestive issues and gas.

          As for air and space, she finds it challenging in the cold weather; she has poor circulation and often has cold hands and feet.  


          1. Vata is a great mover and flexible but often has a hyper-mobile body. She will need to work on her stability and balance. 

          2. Raw food may be healthy, and she would love it, but it is too dry for vata, which leads to digestion difficulty, bloating, and gas. She needs more moisture in her diet to help move things in her gastrointestinal tract, such as oils, spices, and soups. 

          3. With her kindred heart, she will be everywhere for everyone, which leads to being overwhelmed and burnout. She needs to take care of her energetic body, create boundaries, and define what she should or shouldn’t do. What and who she should or shouldn’t spend time with. 

          4. Vata easily gets distracted by thoughts; she needs to work on her stability and grounding her mind by creating space to connect to her higher self daily to recharge her energy. 

          When in balance, vata can be the greatest creator and inspirational person. When out of balance, she can easily get overwhelmed and give up on the project she started. Planning and daily self-care routine will help vata stay focused and accomplish what she starts. If you are Vata-dominant and need help creating a self-care routine, please DM me.


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