Self-care tips for Pitta

by | Mar 23, 2023 | Agni energy for radiant belly

Pitta is a combination of fire and water elements. She is like fire, hot, sharp, light, oily, powerful, and transformative. Self-care tips for Pitta would be for soothing and calming her fire character.


    Pitta has a medium-built body structure, a strong bust, and a tendency to be muscular. Her body temperature is hot; she can’t tolerate heat well and overheats easily on warm, humid days. Her skin tends to have more oily and sensitive. 

    She has a strong sense of hunger and thirst; she can’t skip meals, so fasting isn’t for Pitta. She has fire digestion which helps to digest any food well but can be sensitive to toxic food, causing heartburn, ulcers, and loose stool. 

    She is full of short-bust energy and can work hard for several hours. 


      Pitta is a leadership and transformative dosha. She is an ambitious, driven, and goal-hitting person. She loves challenges and doesn’t like anything easy. Once she sets her mind to achieving it, she will never give up and tends to push herself through it. 

      She is hard-working and motivated to create change based on logic and reality more than creativity. She feels motivated in a competitive environment. 



        She is a natural leader, intelligent, and determined to succeed. She is a great manager and is doing well in building community.

        She is full of energy to achieve anything she wants.


          Because she is strong and full of energy, she thinks she can do anything she wants; sometimes, she is too hard on herself, overworking and overdoing, which leads to burnout. 

          Pitta wants everything fast and will get frustrated and angry when things are slow, like a slow process to achieve what she wants. 

          She has a strong desire and high standard, so she wants everything the way she wants it to be; she tends to equal her self-worth with what she has accomplished, which leads to a sense of control. When things don’t go her way, she is disappointed and stressed. 



          Pitta is strong and can do any exercise; great movements that help her release her energy will suit her well. She will enjoy the intended exercise and can spend hours doing it. Therefore, she must balance it by making enough time to slow down and calm her body.  

          She can eat anything, but overeating unhealthy food can build up too much toxin in her bodymind system. She will need to increase organic and non-processed food in her diet to clear toxicity from her bodymind system. 


          Pitta tends to be a perfectionist and impatient; she needs to slow down and practice letting go of a sense of control. She needs to loosen herself, be more flexible with life, and enjoy being in the present moment. Childish self-care activities and playing like a child will help Pitta to relax her mind and soften her body. 

          When in balance, Pitta is a great leader and successful with anything she wants. When out of balance, she can easily get stressed and be stuck in imposter syndrome. If you are Pitta dominant and want a self-care plan to balance your bodymind energy, please DM me. 


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