Self-care tips for Kapha

by | Mar 29, 2023 | Agni energy for radiant belly

Kapha type is earth and water element. Her unique character is cool, moist, soft, slow, heavy, and stable. Those with high Kapha energy are grounded, slow with life, and think before acting. Self-care tips for Kapha will be to help her become lighter. 


    Kapha’s body structure is naturally strong and steady, with big bones and stable joints. Her skin is well-moisture and soft. Kapha tends to be on the cold side and often has cold feet and hands. While Pitta is cool and dry, Kapha is cold and moist. 

     Kapha loves food; her appetite is more for comfort or entertainment rather than hangry like Pitta. She often eats when she is bored, lonely, and stressed. She loves rich and heavy food as it’s similar to her character. Her digestion is slow and takes a long time to digest.  

     Kapha is slow and doesn’t like to move her body; she prefers to stay in bed for a long time after waking up. She will enjoy sleeping long hours and sluggishly on the sofa rather than moving her body. 


      Kapha’s mind is like a mother earth, pleasant, calm, grounded, and loves to nurture people. She is a great listener and advisor but extremely sensitive. Some small negative comments can easily hurt her feelings. 


      She tends to avoid drama, is away from stressful situations, and loves her comfort zone. While she is a great listener, she tends to keep her truth inside and doesn’t like to speak out about what she wants.  



        Kapha is a great thinker and has a calm mind. She has patience which helps her in many ways in life. She makes people feel comfortable around her, and her sweetness, love, caring, and giving energy make her very attractive to others. 

         Her calm and stable mind makes her great in detail, whether working with people or on any project. She can be an excellent teacher, graphic designer, artist, musician, and chef. 



          Because she likes to take care of everyone around her, she often tends to forget about taking care of herself and her own needs leading to being emotionally depleted. 

           She doesn’t like to speak out her thoughts or share emotions with others which can lead to feeling lonely, emotional eating, and depression. 

           She can easily gain weight because of her slow character, who loves eating heavy food and doesn’t like to move. 


          Kapha needs to make an exercise routine; finding an exercise partner to help with motivation.  

          Find self-care activities to increase more movements, reduce boredom and stress. 

          Reduce heavy and rich food, and eat more vegetables. With steady and long-lasting energy, Kapha can do fasting to remove toxins from bodymind. 

          To prevent being lonely and emotionally depleted, She needs to learn to step out of her comfort zone and try something different. 

          Kapha has to listen to her needs and wants rather than keep everything for herself. Balance her heart chakra to love and care for herself as much as she loves and cares for others. 

          Connect to her true self, and balance her throat chakra to speak her truth and express herself freely. 

          When in balance, Kapha is calm, stable, and attractive. She can always find joy in life, even when she is alone. When out of balance, she can become lazy and resist any positive change in life. Emotional eating leads to weight gain, diabetes, and depression. 

          If you want to enhance your Kapha energy, please DM me. 


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