Poor Digestion, Weak Agni? What are the common signs and the causes?

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Agni energy for radiant belly

According to yoga & Ayurveda, Agni is a digestive fire in the body, (what is Agni, and why is the key to a radiant body and mind). The weak Agni can lead to poor digestion and excess waste, which act as toxins in our bodies and minds. The increase of toxins leads to many health issues. These are signs that your Agni is weak, and you may consider balancing it for your own health and well-being.


    1. Constipation, gas, bloating. Digestion difficulties are a common sign that the toxin builds up in the body and mind.
    2. Weight gain. If you are experiencing weight gain without changing your diet or daily activities, this could signify that your Agni is weak.
    3. Irregular period, too light, too heavy.
    4. Hair loss. Our hair falls every day, but if you experience lots of hair fall and thinning of your head’s top, it could also be a sign of a weak Agni.
    5. Skin issues, dry skin, skin rashes, acne.
    6. Inflame muscles and joints lead to back pain and joint and muscle pain.
    7. High blood pressure
    8. Fatigue, Tiredness, and sleepiness. 
    9. Insomnia. 
    10. Reduce bone density. The decrease in a bone mess leads to the risk of broken bones and the sign that you lose bone strength as back pain or joint pain.


    1. Mood swings.
    2. Anxiety.
    3. Memory loss.
    4. Brain fog.
    5. Depression. 

What is the cause of weak Agni? 

Our modern lifestyle with less time for self-care is the high rank that weakens our Agni, and very common for women in their 40 when women’s hormone changes and metabolism slows down as part of the natural aging process. And here are the causes that can weaken Agni.


Causes of body’s toxin included:

      1. Overload stomach with food.
      2. Unhealthy diet.
      3. Emotional eating.
      4. Toxic in daily products.
      5. Pollution in everyday life.


Cases of mind’s toxin included: 

    1. Stress includes financial concerns, family issues, relationship problems, or worries at work. Chronically stressed is a high rank that increases toxins in the body and mind.
    2. Negative thoughts and emotions include anger, greed, jealousy, and guilt. These emotions are common in our modern lifestyle, and they become toxin disrupt our body and mind’s health.
    3. Surrounded by negative people and environment.

Our modern lifestyle with less time for self-care is high rank, weakening our Agni. When it is weak, the doshas are unbalanced (Dosha is the energies present within our body and mind), the chakras are unbalanced (Chakra is our life force), the toxin build-up and disrupts the body and mind’s healthy function. If you need help discovering your Agni level, whether in good condition, balance or imbalance, please book a free 45 minutes – Body Mind Diagnosis Assessment. More details and book the call through the link below.


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