My stories aren’t perfect but, they are part of my thriving journey

After having kids, I tried to be a perfect mother to raise happy children and make home a happy place. I worked hard to take care of everything and everyone but myself. I felt guilty about taking time off or letting anyone down. A handful of work and family commitments made me feel exhausted, my stress level was high, my energy was crashing down, and I was burning out

I felt my life was a mess, and was angry and sorry for myself. I reached the point where I couldn’t handle it anymore. I locked myself in a bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror; my eyes looked so tired, my face was dull, and my hair was messy. Enough is enough, and this has to change, I said to myself.

I study more self-care and self-healing through a holistic approach, and I throw the perfect mother hat away. I learned to live more mindful and make self-care one of my priorities. It’s been more than a decade since I took self-care into action and help busy mothers to do the same. I feel alive and confident in my body, and I have more energy to reconnect with my family on a much deeper level. I have got back my power to live life with purpose.

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