How to feel motivated to be healthy in 3 mindful steps

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If you are craving to live a healthy lifestyle but feel too hard to push yourself to do something you don’t feel like doing, for example, exercise or eat healthy, try these 3 simple mindful steps to help you feel motivated and willing to take self-care into action for your health

3 mindful steps to feel motivated 

    1. Feel your body

    2. Be true to your heart

    3. Take aciton NOW!

    1. Feel your body

    Feeling happens in the body; to feel motivated, you need to shift your mind to feel your body at the present moment.

    Being in the present moment helps to dim the light of your monkey mind and activate your wise mind.

    The monkey mind is the mind that keeps you feeling sluggish, lack of motivate, procrastinating, and laziness. The mind keeps you busy inside your head without doing anything better for yourself.

    Opposite, the wise mind is your intelligent mind, your wisdom to help uplift your life and achieve what you want.

    To feel your body, shift your awareness to feel your breath. You may close yo r eyes and breathe deeply in and out for a few rounds.

    While breathing, observe each of your breaths, whether short, long, deep, shallow, smooth or struggling. Notice and let it be as it is.

    If any unhealthy thought pop- up from the monkey mind, notice it and let it go, as it doesn’t serve your purpose.

    When any positive thoughts pop up from the wise mind, notice them, appreciate and feel thankful for them. Take deep breathing in as you spread those positive thoughts to the entire body, feel and affirm the positive vibes everywhere in your body.

        2. Be true to your heart

        There are many new year’s resolutions and goals set at the moment. Before jumping to any of those, pause to listen to what is true to your heart—asking yourself why being healthy is important to you, and choosing the answer that is true to your heart.

        What is true to you is unique only for you and may be different from others. The most effective answer would be the one that makes your heart pump with excitement and feel warmth with compassion—for example, being healthy means having more energy to do what you love or live longer to see your loved ones growing up. 

        3. Take action NOW!

        Listen to what the body wants without thinking about what to do or how to do it, just simply doing it. Never waste your time overthinking; most people overthink and never do it.

        The truth about motivation is that motivation drop when you stop doing things! To feel motivated, you need to take action.

        How to listen to your body and take action without overthinking?

        Simple, if your body doesn’t feel like taking a massive step for your health. You can start with something simple and small! If the body doesn’t want to take a one-hour exercise, you can do simple body stretches for 5-10 minutes. Or, if the body doesn’t feel like a healthy diet, you can begin by adding one healthy meal in a day. It could be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner of your choice.  

        Living a healthy lifestyle is a journey, not the end goal. Please be mindful and enjoy yourself along the way. Please check out my free resources if you want to achieve your dream health and wellness without leaving your home through holistic self-care, yoga, ayurveda, and mindfulness. Or contact me here for more details  


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