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A self-care plan is a plan for taking action to enhance your overall health and well-being. When you plan it properly can help to accelerate the result that you want. 

Here is my step-by-step self-care plan;

Create a self-care plan to accelerate your health and happiness

    1. Mindful Self-awareness. 
    2. Create a mindful vision. 
    3. Preparation.
    4. Take action consistently. 
    1. Mindful Self-Awareness

    Whether you want to improve your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, self-awareness is the first step in creating a self-care plan to enhance your overall health and well-being.

    Self-care is about balancing your body, mind, and soul to become the best version of yourself.

    Many symptoms of physical or mental issues in this modern world begin from the body, mind, and soul out of balance.

    We were born with a unique energetic bodymind type, in ayurveda, defined into three major types, VATA, PITTA, and KAPHA, which makes us different. When out of balance could lead to different symptoms in each Dosha.

    Mindful self-awareness is about kindly seeing and knowing yourself as you are, your unique bodymind type, strength, and weakness. Address which part of you is out of balance and needs extra care.  

          VATA; it’s a combination of air and space elements; an imbalance of VATA could lead to mood swings, anxiety, lack of focus, insomnia, digestion difficulties, dry skin, back pain, and depression. 

          PITTA; it’s a combination of fire and water elements. An imbalance could lead to anger, high blood pressure, acne, migraine, and inflamed muscles and joints. 

          KAPHA; it’s a combination of earth and water elements. When imbalance could lead to mood swings, weight gain, fatigue, and depression. 


                2. Create a mindful vision

                Get a clear and specific outcome, and create a self-care vision that is true to you. Your self-care vision is the outcome that you want. Truth to you means it’s in the way that aligns with your unique bodymind, which is a different individual. And you are more than your body; you are whole and complete with body, energetic, mental, soul, and spirit. Here are four layers of the whole self model:


                  • Body layer: It’s your human body system. 
                  • Energetic layer: It’s your energy system. 
                  • Mental layer: It’s your thought
                  • Soul layer: It’s your true wisdom and personality. 
                  • Bliss layer: It’s your highest source.  

                  Make time to tune in with your whole self, and list what you would like to do and which part of your self needs balance and enhancement. 


                  3. Preparation

                   It’s an actual self-care plan step by step to help you follow through the process. What is the first thing you need to do? Is there anything you will need to get ready before taking action? 


                  4. Take action consistently

                  it’s the most important step, no matter how good your plan is, but skipping this step won’t accelerate your health and happiness as you desire. 


                  Self-care isn’t a competition; always be kind to yourself. If you have a busy lifestyle, check how to add more self-care to your busy lifestyle. If you need help creating a self-care plan to accelerate your health and happiness, please get in touch with me through the following contact. Or connect with me on my social media platforms to get some quick tips for holistic self-care. 


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