Healthy lifestyle tips for newbies

by | May 19, 2022 | Agni energy for radiant belly

A healthy lifestyle is a path to healthy digestion (Agni), and consistency is the foundation to succeed. Therefore, it isn’t easy to be healthy, especially if we are a newbie, as we have allowed a bad habit to control ourselves for many years. These are the 5 tips to make it work.

5 tips to start a healthy lifestyle to boost your digestion

    1. Find the best solution for your body’s energy. Everybody is unique, and one solution may doesn’t work for everyone. For example, not everybody can do vigorous exercise, or one diet plan may not work for everyone. In Ayurveda, we need to understand how the body and mind work and what is our unique body energies(Dosha) so that we can create a plan to maintain our health.

2. Start with one and the easiest thing. If you are new to healthy living, start with one thing that is easy for you to achieve in a short period of time, it’s the thing that you feel motivated to do.

3. Keep it balanced and joyful. Balance is what yoga and Ayurveda are teaching us to maintain good health. Don’t try to force yourself to achieve a big goal. Pushing ourselves to achieve something is good, but if it is too much, it can increase more stress hormones in our body’s system and probably block the digestive fire from working.

4. Create a plan that works around your lifestyle. If your schedule is packed with family commitments or busy at work with clients, making time for a long exercise or preparing a healthy meal may increase stress. To create a plan that works deficiency, you have to look at your lifestyle from a bird’s eye view (all aspects of your life) and manage your time and work-life balance. This process helps reduce stress and cut off overwhelmed.

5. Get support. Never feel weak to ask for help; no one knows everything. In the end, when you have tried everything yourself but nothing works. Getting a professional to help and guide you in the right direction is the fastest solution to make it work.

These are the basic daily habits that everyone should maintain regularly to get results. You can start with a 4 daily basic daily self-care to improve your digestion, or if you need help with a plan, please feel free to download a free “Radiant Fit Toolkit.” It’s a bundle of holistic health and wellness planner, tracker, log, and worksheets through the button below.


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