I’m Noi Pawirat Shiffner

Personal Wellness Yoga Coach for Busy Professional Women

“My mission is to empower women to embrace their natural beauty and well-being through my unique holistic self-care and yoga services. My vision is to inspire them to attain greater health and happiness, become positive role models for their loved ones and gain the energy to pursue their passions. My service values uniqueness, simplicity, accountability, and accomplishment..

a Busy Mother Story…

I know how you feel; being a mother, raising children, caring for the family, managing the household, and trying to follow your dream simultaneously is not easy. Trying to do it all at once seems to overload you, and you don’t have much time.

You are struggling with lacking energy, being emotionally overwhelmed, stress and burnout.

I had been there myself, but Self-Care and Yoga hav helped enhance my energy and live everyday life with purpose.

Clients Stories…

"When it comes to Yoga, I know two things about me: I really like how I feel after practicing ... and It's tough for me to do it. Many yoga poses, even the "easy ones", are impossible for me. When I did Noi practices, I was able to do almost everything. My body loved it! Noi is such a friendly, kind and relaxed teacher. She always has a "hack" to modify the lesson to match your personal needs, and you can see and feel the light, warm and joyful energy she creates. Thank you for everything you taught me, Noi"

Anne Retter

Yes, follow the course because it gives you great tools to let go of negative feelings and simple exercises to make you feel better mentally and physically. Noi is a very enthousiastic teacher and has a lot of knowledge. Very helpfull and is open for every questionyes you are amazing! It is a pleasure so see you in the videos. Keep up the good work!!

Sandra van der Hooft

"I learned how to breathe the right way, Wow which I'll be thankful forever. I always hesitated doing yoga, since didn't understood how it works, ur course cleared this with the beneficial explanation and details"


"Noi spreads joy and happiness as a person, and she teaches how to use yoga and awareness to fill your life with even more happiness. The yoga practices are easy to do, you don't have to be a skilled yogi or an athlete to do them. The course gives you insights, and practices to do for to feel better and be more happy. The sound was a bit low in some videos (better with your headset). Thank you for doing this, it was inspiring! 🙂 "


"Noi has taught me the importance of the mind-body connection in our quest for happiness and that we have the power to release any negativity, by creating a simple practice of breathing and movement, whatever our size, age or level of fitness.Noi's wonderful energy and enthusiasm. Her gentle, caring nature and her ability to teach us life enhancing breathing and movement in a really clear way. I felt confident and uplifted"

Liz Hickey

"Noi with her kindness, expertise and motivation inspires and keeps you wanting to learn how to promote physical wellbeing mindfully under her wings.I am grateful for having met Noi, enjoying her amazingly helfpul course"

Elen Soti

My Story…

Hi my name is Noi Pawirat Shiffner. I’m originally from Thailand. Pawirat is my official name, and Noi is my nickname. Noi means little in Thai, given by my grandma as I was so small when I was born.

I grew up in a small village in North-East Thailand, where we lived so close to nature but with inferior education back then, so I moved to Bangkok, graduated and worked in cooperation there for some years.

For many years, I worked in cooperates and changed to different jobs, but I still didn’t feel fulfilled until I met my husband. He asked me to move to another country and encouraged me to explore the world. That was the beginning of the life-changing for me.

We started a family in Malaysia, moved to India, and recently lived in Dubai.
From a village girl to many countries, I met different people and cultures, struggling and uncertain became my friends. It wasn’t easy, but self-care has helped me find my bliss, peace and happiness.

After having kids, I tried to be a perfect mother to raise happy children and make home a happy place. I worked hard to take care of everything and everyone. I felt guilty about taking time off or letting anyone down. A handful of work and family commitments made me feel exhausted, my stress level was high, my energy was crashing down, and I was burning out.

I felt my life was a mess!! I was angry and sorry for myself.
I reached the point where I couldn’t handle it anymore as I felt my mental and emotional issues begin to interrupt my life and the time I had with my family. I need to change what I was saying to myself one day. I studied more about holistic health and well-being through yoga, ayurveda, and mindfulness. I learned to live more mindful and made time for self-care, yoga is my priority.

Through nourishing myself daily, I feel alive and at peace with myself and life challenges. Most importantly, I have more energy to reconnect with my family on a deeper level. I have got back my power to live everyday life with my purpose.

Still Being Humble and willing to learn more. 

  • Baby Yoga Teacher
  • Smart Toddler Yoga Teacher 
  • Perinatal Yoga Teacher
  • Hatha Yoga Teacher 
  • Ayurveda Practitioner 
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
  • Mindfulness Practitioner & Teacher
  • CBT Practicioner
  • NLP Practicioner

Wherever you are, in your awareness, you are here.
Whatever time zone you are in, in your awareness, you are now.

My Physical body lived in Dubai with my family and friends. We travel quite often. We are usually in Thailand during the summertime and in England during Christmas.

Therefore, if you wish to become the best version of yourself, live your best life and be a role model for your children, you can find the rank of my self-care programs through the Classes & Courses section, which available both online and in-person.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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