4 steps to be a healthy and happy mother

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Do you want to be a healthy and happy mother for your family? Whatever how hard you have tried, but still struggling to achieve your dream health? Do you easily lose track, procrastination, and lack motivation for your health?  


Here is my giveaway 4 steps to help you be a healthy and happy mother in 2023. 

4 steps to be a healthy and happy mother

    1. Get a clear and meaningful purpose

    2. Create the right plan

    3. Commit to yourself intentionally

    4. Be mindful

    1. Get a clear and meaningful purpose

    At the beginning of the year, most mothers set a goal to lose weight or be healthier. 60  % of them couldn’t stay on track and lost motivation by Faboury, and they returned to the old habit by March. The missing part is they don’t get clear on what they want, and their goal doesn’t serve their soul purpose; the emotional meaning. Why do you want this outcome? Why is it important for you? 

      Your purpose of being healthy has to align and serve your truth rather than ego. 

      The ego mind is unstable and always creates conflict within yourself based on fear; it is insecure, so always seeking power and often makes toxin emotions like jealousy, guilt, anger, judgment, comparison, greed, and worry that it’s not good enough. 

      I was struggling with that for years. After I gave birth to my son, I wanted to lose weight and get back in shape before getting pregnant, I said to myself. After a month of trying to achieve my goal, I felt exhausted. Sometimes I felt guilty when I took time for myself and lost track of my goal. I began to judge myself and thought that I didn’t do enough. I compared myself with others, doubted that I couldn’t do it, and gave up in the end. 

      Your truth is the opposite; your true personal power is based on love and peace within yourself. It’sIt’s the right way of living for your soul’s purpose.  

      When creating your health purpose, write it down and ask yourself a question. 

      Does it serve my truth or the ego? 

      Does it make me feel anxious, fearful, greedy, jealous, or at peace? 

      When seeking a meaningful purpose for your health, ask yourself questions. 

      Why do I want to be healthy/ achieve this outcome? 

      Why is it important for me (for my truth)? 

          2. Create the right plan

          Someone says when you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Planning is the key to helping you stay on track, and whenever you slip off, you can return where you have left. 

          No one size fits all, and one health plan may not serve everybody. You need to understand yourself and your conditions. Creating a plan based on your truth and aligned with your bodymind energy will improve your health and make you a healthy and happy mother. 

          Understand your conditions; for example, you want to exercise, but there is some issue with your knee that does not allow you to jump and run. You may have to find different solutions that are safer for your knee. 

          Understand yourself; It’s your unique body, mind, and soul. In Ayurveda, we were born with a unique energy body-mind type ( 3 doshas); . The energy represents who we are and will positively impact our overall health and well-being once balanced. 


          VATA: It’s an air and ether element. Your health plan should bring you to become more grounded and increase strength. 

          PITA: It’s a fire and water element. Your health plan should bring calmness to your mind and increase flexibility.  

          KHAPA: It’s an earth and water element. Your health plan should help you become lighter, flexible, and empowered. 

          3. Commit to yourself intentionally

          Why do you wake up every morning? Probably something inside that drives you to do it is your commitment. When you procrastinate or feel guilty about making time for your health, go back to your purpose; why do you want to be a healthy and happy mother? It’s your personal power that helps you commit to it. You have to wake up every day whether you like it or not, and it is the same with your health; you have to do it whether you feel like it or not. 

          Create the space and block your time. What helps me the most is to create a routine for my health and block my time in a timetable daily. 

          If you exercise at home, create a space where you feel motivated. If you have to leave your house for it, ensure your family understands and ask for help with what you need help. It is a good example you can teach your children about creating boundaries and self-respect. It may not be easy at first, but they will gradually understand and respect your time once they see you change into a happy mother. 

          Once you follow all the steps and take action consistently, you will gain self-discipline. You become the master of your mind, more focused, and succeed in what you put your mind to, whether at home or work.  

          4. Be mindful

          Life always happens; sometimes, you have to take responsibility for your family commitments, and sometimes an important meeting at work is calling you.

          These obstacles can prevent you from taking action along your commitment journey. Sometimes you lose track and feel down, and the ego mind will take over.

          Be mindful when it arises, acknowledge it, and shift your focus from your mind to your body. Connect to your heart, and be compassionate to yourself. Knowing that you are not broken, you are whole and complete. You can follow 3 mindful steps to boost your motivation for healthier and happier.

          You want your family to be happy; you always search for good things for them. The truth is your children learn from their experience; you and the environment at home are their first teachers. You must be their example if you want your children to be healthy and happy. Your health and happiness matter; you will serve your family better once you are your best self. 


          If you need help to achieve your dream health, become a healthier and happier mother. Please book a free discovery call, or DM me. 


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