4 basic self-care you must do to improve your digestion

by | Apr 14, 2022 | Agni energy for radiant belly

A busy lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, and lack of self-care can cause poor digestion. Yoga and Ayurveda refer to low Agni or digestive fire, leading to many health issues. These are the four basic daily self-care you must do to improve your digestion and energy level.

4 basic daily self-care you must do to improve your digestion and energy level.

1. Healthy diet

A well-balanced diet is the foundation of health, strength, and happiness for both body and mind. A healthy diet should provide essentials nutrients for the body. Eat more whole and fresh food than processed food. Regarding Ayurveda, a healthy diet should be appetizing and appeal to all your senses to strengthen the Agni, and balance your Dosha (body’s energy)

2. Do Yoga

Exercise helps with boosting the digestive system. Most yoga asanas and breathing exercises can help with balance hormones and Agni strengthening effect. It stimulates the stomach organs and reduces toxins within our body’s system. And yoga is a unique practice that provides practice to harmonize the entire body and mind system. Try to practice yoga every day or at least three times per week for a better result.  

3. Reduce stress

1) Sympathetic nervous system, or call it a stress system, Yang energy, or Masculine energy. When stimulating, it releases stress hormones, the heart rate rise, the blood flows to the muscle to prepare the body for fight or flight mode, and it stores a lot of energy to protect and keep the body to survive.
2) Parasympathetic nervous system, or can call a relaxing system, Yang energy, Feminine energy. When stimulating, the heartbeat slows down, the body release more serotonin (happiness hormone) and increases digestion secretions.

When the stress system is activated, the body reduces the energy for digestion, causing weak Agni.

There isn’t one better than the other in these two systems; both benefit the body and mind. But, in our busy lifestyle, most busy women activate too much masculine energy and are chronically stressed. We need to bring them into balance by reducing stress and activating more relaxing hormones.

4. Deep sleep

Deep sleep helps the digestive system to function well. When we have a deep sleep, the sympathetic nervous system (or stress system) can rest, so the parasympathetic system (relaxing system) starts to be active and triggers the pituitary gland to release more growth hormones to recover and repair the digestive system.

These are the basic daily habits to help you improve your digestion, and you need to maintain them regularly to get the result. If you don’t know where to start, or you need help to discover which part of your body and mind is balanced or imbalanced, or your digestive fire is in good condition or not. Please feel free to book a free call for a 45-minute Body Mind Diagnosis Assessment. For more details, click the button below.


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